Specialty advertising is an important part of the marketing mix. Adding your company, organization or event’s logo to a product creates a lasting impression and gives your brand high recall and recognition.

It is my pleasure to work with clients in the capacity that works best for each client. In some instances, I can simply source a specific product – for example, you would like a purple ballpoint pen that is retractable with a 1-color imprint. I can source this for you.

In other instances, you can share the details of your intended audience, your theme colors, a bit about your brand identity (are you buttoned up/corporate, does your brand have a silly voice, do you have strict color guidelines, etc.). We can work together to brainstorm ideas and I can present you with a presentation full of products I feel may work for your current initiative.

This is the best type of relationship; the more I know about your brand, your events and your demographics, the more I can do to opportunity spot for you when new products enter the market, or when I see great supplier specials that are relevant to your needs.


In addition to promotional products, ABM also provides a variety of contract marketing services. This is a great option for companies in need of marketing services without the budget for a FTE with benefits.

Additional Services include:

  • Project management
  • Local media relations
  • Social media or website updates
  • Opportunity spotting
  • Trade show/expo planning/execution
  • Content creation
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