Abigail has Abigail Cress Brown, Abigail Brown Marketingbeen in the marketing world for over ten years, working in Minor League Baseball, experiential marketing and word of mouth marketing. The common thread among these industries was the need for smart, effective promotional products of high quality and integrity, that make a lasting impression on the hands in which they land.

Abigail Brown Marketing uses this expertise to create fun, functional and memorable products with your custom imprint to build brand awareness and recognition.



10 Things to Know About Abigail:
1) Her very first job was a paper route that she shared with a neighbor in order to save money for a Super Nintendo gaming console
2) She was born and raised in Iowa City, Iowa (GO HAWKS!)
3) The Cleveland Browns are the only NFL team she’s ever rooted for (thanks to her husband)
4) She traveled the country for one year, driving branded vehicles and promoting Verizon Wireless and The Other White Meat
5) Polka dots are her favorite pattern
6) Her in-laws introduced her to her husband and get to take credit for setting them up
7) She is the oldest of four siblings
8) Her dad owns an Iowa Tailgating Bus
9) She has a toddler son that thinks “Mama” means “please”
10) Sporting games are always at the top of the sight-seeing list for all vacations in her family; she collects baseballs from all of the stadiums she visits

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